Betty Chaisson is a retired Hallmark artist who works in a wide variety of mediums including PMC, silver, beading, chainmail, casting and sculpting. She makes the most amazing cameos cast in porcelain and has worked as both an illustrator and sculptor. "I've lived a long time, so have had the opportunity to do a lot of things. But my very favorite medium is the NEXT thing..."

Betty's talent was used not only by Hallmark, but by Enesco, Coca Cola and the Franklin Mint, where she sculpted birds, bugs, flowers and the occasional animal. She has a 2nd degree certification in PMC and currently loves making jewelry.

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 PMC silver hair ornament

Mermaid Hand Mirror
Mermaid mirror was sculpted and carved from polymer clay, then baked. A silicon mold was cast from the original clay and the series of hand mirrors was then created in resin and painted with gold. 

Detail (click to enlarge)

Russian Princess collar featuring beaded bezel cabochons, fringe and detailed beading.



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