September 2008 Meeting

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Carol Harder took us into the classroom, bringing her many years of teaching metalsmithing to bear on eager students. She brought many samples of sawn designs, plus a variety of metal gauges with different textures which she added with her rolling mill. She got us all started making a pattern to work from and turn us loose with jeweler's saws and sheet metal.
Most everyone was able to cut out at least one piece by the end of the evening. Thanks, Carol, for sharing your expertise.

Meeting Schedule

Christmas Party Exchange: We decided to have a Charm Exchange - everyone who would like to participate will commit to making multiple small charms for exchange at the December meeting/party.

At the October meeting, Jennifer is to demo texturing PMC - so we decided to use some of our group's funds to provide PMC for everyone to use at this meeting.

Sign up for the Charm Exchange by emailing Carol Harder.